Nerd Mom Diaries

The Monster In My Closet

Hi. My name is Jenn and I have an addiction to shopping. 

This isn’t news, right? I can’t lie, I spend more money in a month on things I don’t really need than I should. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford new clothes, shoes, or anything else for me. It was a time when we lived paycheck to paycheck, and I was a stay at home mom in a crap marriage.

Five years ago I took control of my life. I decided to get a divorce. I moved out and started over.  Now that all of crazy is behind me, and I don’t have to worry so much about money or how I will provide for my children, I have this overwhelming urge to buy anything any I want simply because I can. Super not healthy. Not even a little.

Not really a good plan. I’ve come to a point where I need to back away from shopping and give myself some time to love the things I already have. I’ve spent so much money my personal bank accounts look sad.

So, as a challenge to myself I have decided to not purchase anything in February that I don’t need. What does this mean for me? It means not buying something just because I want it. 

It means calming the shopping demon and taking a break from spending. It means, hopefully I will have more in my savings account than I did when I started February. I will post my progress as the month goes on. 


All the pictures in this post are from January Shopping Trips. 

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