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A Case Of The Monday’s and The Obligatory Work Bathroom Selfie

Welcome to my Tuesday in a brief nutshell. Please don’t judge my bathroom selfie. I felt cute for about 30 seconds so I snapped a picture.

Today has been a day. Today was the Mondayest Tuesday ever. Hold on for some “Mom Truths”.

Let’s be real. I’m an empath. It’s a gift and a curse. For those of you that don’t know what that means, I feel other people’s emotions on a level that makes them feel like my own.

At work today, being that it was the day after a holiday, we were slammed. I work in a call center for a pretty big insurance company, and some days are just simply rough. Today was beyond rough. Almost every person I encountered today, whether it was on the phone or in person, was feeling something on a level that overwhelmed my senses. Negative vibes, anger, and even sadness plagued my calls today.

I’m typically a person who feels your emotion before you can define it if we’re close. So if I reach out to my friends to ask them how they are, I already know they need me.

When it comes to strangers, it’s all over the place. Some days it doesn’t effect me all the much. But some days, like today, it hits me hard and by the end of the day I can’t function enough to make dinner let alone be a parent.

Mom Truth: Today was one of those days. We had “snacks” for dinner and now I’m hiding in my bed. Tonight, I’m taking a little time for self care, while my kids have screen time for the good of our relationship.

Mom Truth: I’m over everything today and have nothing left to give. I am not okay. But I will be.

Mom Truth: It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, mamas.

Much love.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this post on Tuesday. I’m not sure why it didn’t post till Thursday. 😂

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