Nerd Mom Diaries

Mom Achievement Unlocked

I’ve reached the peak level of lazy this weekend.

Need some context? Pretty much all I did was binge watch movies, and shows with my kids, watch my teenager play video games, read a whole book, and ate junk all weekend. I’m calling this weekend a success. It was needed by all three of us.

Yes. I did a couple of those obligatory mom duties that we all struggle with. You know, laundry and dishes. I even did a bit of grocery shopping. But for the majority of the weekend, I was a lazy bum with my kids. It was fantastic. I showered. I promise. I also tool my oldest to Party City after we dropped off his brother. But, lazy was the name of the game this weekend.

What prompted my change of plans for this weekend? Friday night my 11 yr old who has Tourette Syndrome was having such uncontrollable tics that I went to bed with tears in my eyes. He was clearly struggling. I clearly needed to do something. So I canceled most my plans and decided to have a relaxing weekend with the boys. I kept my coffee date today with a friend because, moms need those little moments too.

It was just what we all needed. I am no where near ready for tomorrow and the dreaded Monday crazy at work. But, I will go to work with a happy soul, while my delightful offspring spend their vacation week with their dad.

The point I am trying to make is, it is perfectly okay to spend an entire weekend doing nothing but spending time together. In fact it’s healthy. And sometimes Mamas…. our babies need that.

Much love.

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