Nerd Mom Diaries

What Day Is It?

Holy long week, Batman. I’m exhausted. It’s been a weird week. It was also fun. Also, it was a bit crazy. I’m wearing a hoodie and leggings again. My normal evening attire.

Nothing productive has been done at home this week. I’ve been either too emotional or too busy hanging out with some of my favorite people and some new ones too. I have a mountain of laundry to do. A full dishwasher that needs to be run. Floors in need of a vacuum. Basically, all the things need doing.

But, that’s okay. I took time to work on my mental health this week. I took time to make new friends. I got some hugs from friends I am very thankful for. No one knew how much I needed the time I spent this week with these people. My heart is full.

I have no idea what the weekend will hold. But it will be fun and filled with awesome people. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get some housework done.

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