Nerd Mom Diaries

Monday Morning Truth Bomb

Let’s talk about stress. As I write this, I’m filled with stress. It sucks and has made the last few weeks incredibly hard.

This is my “I am over this shit” face.

Typically, us moms sweep it under the rug. Or pretend we are fine. We don’t talk about what stresses us out. We don’t share our feelings with many people. Most of us moms tend to pretend we are okay for our families when we are actually not even a little okay.

But hey, I’m a realist. I’m also honest. If you ask me if I’m okay, and I’m not okay, I’m probably gonna tell you I’m not. I’m not going to often lie and say “Yeah, I’m great.” If I’m not okay, I’m not okay. End of story. It’s my truth some days. I find that it’s not what people want to hear though. No one wants you to tell them you’re not okay, because it makes them uncomfortable.

We as moms need to feel like it’s okay to say “I’m stressed” and “I’m a mess” and “I need help.” It needs to be okay for us to be honest with not just our friends and families, but also ourselves.

Let’s support other moms, and ourselves. Take some me time. Go on a trip with some mom friends. Go to the spa. Go window shopping. Do something, anything to relieve your stress and do yourself a favor – leave your stress at home for just one day. I intend to take a day for me very soon. You should too.

Nerd Mom out. #micdrop

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