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Girls Just Want To Buy Stickers

I was in my car driving home this afternoon, when I realized that I forgot to share how my “don’t buy any crap you don’t need for one month” challenge went. I started that challenge on February 2nd, and to be honest the first two weeks were the hardest. I put 25 things in my Amazon cart and stared at them. It was hard not to shop because I simply love the high I get from buying new things. But the lows I felt when I looked at my bank account finally became too much for me to keep going on like that.

I have been very honest about my shopping addiction, and I knew it was time to take action when I realized I had taken $250 out of my savings in January. Theoretically, I have a budget. Up until February, it was entirely theoretical. I was spending more than my budget allowed every month. I routinely bought new shoes, clothes, jewelry, stickers, pens, EVERYTHING! I have a habit of buying new clothes over and over again and letting the old stuff sit in my closet for months before I eventually donate them to Goodwill. I seriously donate buckets of clothes and shoes at least 4 times a year. Now I’m not saying its not a good thing to donate to Goodwill, I’m just saying it’s excessive to have that many clothing options that you have to purge that many times a year. I have even donated things I wanted to keep by accident because I have that much crap I don’t need.

I’ve digressed down a rabbit hole here, oops. Welcome to my ADD brain, it’s nice to have the company. Where was I going with this post? Oh, right… My “buy less shit” challenge. I was pretty successful. I only took money out of my savings to cover a shirt for my teenager, and pay part of my JC Penny card bill, and it was only $75 as opposed to $250. I call this progress. Progress is good. Other than that $75, I only spent $17 on stuff that wasn’t food, necessities, and things for my kids. This is a monumental change. What did I buy? Stickers and Washi Tape. Why? Because AC Moore is going out of business and I wanted just a little treat. Oh and some Mardi Gras beads because we celebrated at work.

Why was I as successful as I was? Because the first thing I did after I decided to do this challenge, was unsubscribe to ALL of the store emails that I was receiving. The only “store” emails I did not unsubscribe from was Audible, Amazon Kindle, and Chirp Audio Books. Why? Because books are my favorite. It really helped. I didn’t have the urge to shop much after the first couple of weeks. I even took my teenager to the mall and for the first time ever, didn’t buy anything. I didn’t even look in the clothing stores, nor did I buy the thing we actually went in there for.

All in all, I would like to call my challenge a success. Because let’s face it, sometimes you just need a win, and as my good friend told me “It’s okay to buy yourself a treat once in awhile”.

Stay tuned for my next challenge: Modified Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Much love.

**Just a little side note, I wrote this post in about 20 minutes while my kids were eating dinner, and proceeded to take 45 minutes to come up with a name. **

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