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Book Review: Alice In Zombieland

Happy Saturday and happy April! This month promises LOTS of book reviews since Quarantine has taken full effect. So let’s dive in.

In all honesty, when I started this book I didn’t realize that it was part of a series. I also didn’t know what I was getting myself into fully. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it. It’s actually quite opposite. I loved it. Despite the fact that I’m not usually one to pick up this type of book. I’m not a fan of zombies in any form. But, I gave it a whirl and was not disappointed. In case you were wondering, it’s a Harlequin Teen fantasy/drama/romance, and it’s fantastic.

I don’t even remember buying this book, and that should tell you a lot more about the status of my unread book pile than anything about the book, but whatever. In quarantine, you read whatever is on your shelf, right? The answer is yes. The answer is also, when you love the first book in a series you don’t remember buying, you go on Amazon and buy the rest of the series. No joke. Halfway through reading this book, I purchased the other three main series books. There are two side stories, that I will look into at a later date.

Woah. What just happened? Who knows. I got carried away there with my thoughts. Anyway, clearly I loved this book. It mixes my favorite fairytale with a war to save humanity from zombies. What’s not to love? It also has a very adorable teen romance angle. Which I clearly could not get enough of. Am I bored or broadening my literary horizons? Maybe a little of both, but this book delivered a happy distraction from the current state of the world right now.

The main character, whose name is most obviously Alice, is a lovable mess. She is tragic and desperate at times. At first she doesn’t have any idea what is happening, and even thinks she might be going insane. She’s also a glutton for punishment. But her tenacity, her strength, and her sheer will to face whatever is thrown at her in a world filled with fear and unknown crazy make her my current favorite fictional character. Her friend Kat is pretty awesome too. She cracks me up and brings out the best in Alice. Actually, the characters all have backstories that I can’t want to find out about.

That brings me to Cole Holland. That boy is a wild card. I still haven’t figured him out. Nor has Alice. I can’t wait to see what is in his head. I really hope we find out soon. Before something more insane happens. Alice is bound to get more caught up in the smoldering intensity that is Cole and who knows what that is going to mean for our heroine.

I have to be honest though. The relationships between the teenagers are not always believable. I don’t remember having these kinds of relationships when I was a teenager, maybe that’s why. I’m not real sure. Obviously, zombies weren’t a thing I worried about as a teenager, and clearly aren’t real. So maybe that’s another reason. I digress. But sometimes they don’t feel genuine. It’s entirely possible that going forward, that may change. Here’s to hoping.

In other news, I found that the zombies were intriguing. Not like any version of them I’ve ever read about or watched. I’ve always had an aversion to them, but I love the way author Gena Showalter wrote these undead-dead creatures. Sadly, if I write more about them, I’ll give it all away. So I won’t say much more except that I am thinking about the world of zombies in a totally different way right now, and I can’t get enough.

I also love the fact that at the end of this book, I needed to know what comes next. That’s the sign of a great series. When I can’t put it down, and I need more. It’s tragic, thrilling, funny, and full of fantasy – so obviously I’m loving it. This is the longest review I’ve written, because clearly I have way too much free time on my hands.

Stay tuned for more book reviews, since I have a pile of books to read that are taller than my fiancé and nothing better to do in my free time right now since my children are currently over wanting anything to do with mom. She’s just not cool anymore.

Side Note: I’m wrote this review halfway through the second book in the series Through The Zombie Glass. I’m hooked and will write an individual review of each book.

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