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Book Review: Through The Zombie Glass

Yes. I know. Another book review. BLAH BLAH BLAH. But come on, I have to share my thoughts you guys. You ready?

Holy. Mind. Blowing. It took me a total of 15 hours to read this book. It arrived Friday afternoon in a package with the other two books in this magnificent series. I started it Friday evening before bed. Slept for 10 hours. Then read for most of my waking hours on Saturday. And yes, that means I spent a whole day reading. No, I don’t think that’s wrong or weird on any level.

Clearly, as you can see from my confession above, and my last blog post about the previous book Alice In Zombieland, I am addicted to this series. The second book Through The Zombie Glass was just as good as the first, actually it was better. It kept me entranced from page 1 to page 474, and I can’t wait to start reading the next one.

This book was an epic battle of good vs evil, light vs dark, and truth vs secrets. We all have had an internal struggle at least once in our lives. I occasionally found myself relating to the internal and external struggles of almost every character at one point or another in this book. Except a few that were truly evil, that could have done with a good “ashing”. Even if I don’t have an evil zombie version of myself growing inside me as we speak I can still relate to struggling with good vs evil. I’m human. We all can.

Okay so, my dear friend Ali (yes, I’m calling her my friend now), spent the majority of this book fighting the evil inside her, her insecurities, and her pride. Ali has something dark growing inside her. Begging to let it take over and banish all the good from her life. It doesn’t help that her boyfriend Cole is a bit of a douche purse (read the book, you’ll understand), throughout the whole book. Ali is fighting for her life, her sanity, her Nana’s safety and the love she so obviously feels for said douche purse. While he is busy breaking her heart over and over again, keeping secrets and not trusting his friends or his girlfriend.

I had much more faith in the friendships in this book than I did the last. Ali has grown up a little, and relies on her best friends Reeve and Kat for emotional support. The collection of riff raff boys in this book have become so much more interesting. Most of them anyway. I still think a couple of them should be taken out back and fed to the zombies for their bad choices. Just my opinion. I also loved the way Mackenzie and Trina change their tune when it comes to their feelings about Ali. Even the boys eventually accept Ali just as she is.

Let’s talk about the one girl in this book that I cannot stand. I have to say I almost always wanted to slap Veronica. Can she just exit the books now? I cannot stand her high and mighty drama. Her need to try to hurt Ali every time she walks into a room. But I’m sure with Gavin around were not gonna get a reprieve from her. The two seem to be a package deal. Oh, Gavin. Woah. That boy is a mess, but in the best way. He really is sweet, I think. What is it with these boys? All over the place and such ho-bags. Most of them. Okay mostly just Gavin. Get your shit together bud. Before you get yourself beat. I do find his relationship with Ali entertaining. Especially when she gives him hell, calls him out on his stupid ho-bag ways, and calls him a jackhole. SPOILER ALERT: I’m so glad they become friends.

Let’s talk about Ethan. I was only half shocked when he turned out to be such a horrible asshat. Oops. That’s a spoiler. Oh well may as well keep going. I understand that his story is a huge plot point, and him being in Reeve’s life was important to her character growth. But come on, how can one teenage boy really be the catalyst for that much drama?

In the end, I’m delighted with how the book ended. A happy ending, but with the understanding that it’s far from over. For now, the light has won. The good guys are triumphant. Anima Industries may be crippled, but I’m sure they will be back for more.

Have I given away too much? Probably. I could go on for hours about how fantastic this book was, and what my favorite parts were. But I’ll stop and jump into the next book.

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