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Book Review: The Queen of Zombies Hearts

I’m back guys! It’s book review time. I’m seriously still obsessed with Gene Showalter’s White Rabbit Chronicles. I don’t even like Zombies, you guys. Like really, they freak me out. I have never watched The Walking Dead, and Resident Evil gave me nightmares for years. But Gena’s writing has sucked me in.

In this book, which is the third in the series, Ali thinks everything is behind her and she can have the relationship she finally wants with her boyfriend Cole. But, Anima Industries has a nefarious plan up it’s sleeve. That plan causes four of Ali’s friends die, and all hell breaks loose – literally.

The remaining slayers are thrust down an emotional highway that just becomes more perilous every mile they travel. It becomes clear to them that the humans that are running the show at Anima are more dangerous than the zombies and that Rebecca Smith is true evil incarnate. I’ve started to hate her more than I hate Delores Umbridge. But again, I digress. My heart hurt more and more on every page. The loss of the four slayers doesn’t slow them down – much – but it does make some of them just a tad more reckless that usual.

We meet Helen, a witness with secrets. Deep and dark ones. Cole’s long kept deepest secrets come to light, and Ali’s secrets come tumbling out too. Both of their secrets collide and could mean the end for my favorite slayer couple. We also get to meet some new slayers. Some I like immediately, some I have the urge to punch in the face. What takes way too long for the gang to figure out is that there are traitors in their midst and by the end of the book, more slayers are dead. One of my favorite characters also dies. She may be dead, but not gone. I promise.

Do Ali, Cole and the remaining slayers take down Anima Industries for good? I’ve given away too much already. Read the book to find out.

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