Nerd Mom Diaries

Sometimes You Just Need To Make Cookies

Hello again, my lovelies! This is another one of my Self Care posts. You have been warned.

I decided that I needed a couple of extra days for some Self Care. Some time to not worry about fixing other people’s problems. Some time to make memories with my boys. Some time to take care of my own needs. So I requested some time off and was able to take it. Thank goodness.

Last night I decided that we needed to make cookies. I have to be honest, I am not great at making cookies. I’d rather make cakes and cupcakes. But once in a while you just need to make cookies, for therapeutic reasons.

Cookies are good for the soul. Homemade cookies are good for creating memories and relationships. I remember when I was a small child, and I would sit in the counter next to my Great Grandfather stealing the chocolate chips while he and I made chocolate chip cookies.

Those are some of my best memories. He would turn around to grab something, and I would steal a few chocolate chips. He would pretend he didn’t know where they went before laughing and wiping flour on my nose. Then I would giggle and he’d add a few more chips. I miss those days when life was simple. Before worries and sadness.

Back here in the present, I’m going to gather my feral children and have them help me make some memories and cookies. Self care for myself and my children.

I leave you today with some advice: Enjoy your children while they are young, make memories, and take care of yourself. Much love.

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