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Self Care Is A Journey

As promised, I am checking in with my self care journey. I know I’ve written a few blog posts in the last week where I mentioned the things I was doing for self care. I have been really trying to keep myself positive, do things that make me happy, and take time for my kids.

Looking tired and a little chubby right now. Oops.

One thing I said I was going to do and have not done yet, is go for a walk 3 times a week. Why? If I gave you my why it will sound like a list of excuses. So let’s just go with, I wasn’t ready for that commitment yet. But I should also add that in the last week we’ve seen all 4 seasons here in Vermont and I have no desire to go outside right now.

I’m a list maker. So I put my self care accomplishments into lists. To make my heart happy.

Daily Self Care Tasks:

  • Multiple journal entries – I write at least 2 times
  • Choosing a “Song of the Day” – Like a theme song.
  • 3 Positive Thoughts – Every day I write 3 positive things in my journal.
  • Inspirational quotes – Adding stickers with quotes to my journal.
  • Vitamins – I’ve been taking B-12 and 5HTP this week. It helps a little.
  • Eating more veggies – I’m still working on this one.

Self Care Activities:

  • Blog posts – My writing helps me get my thoughts out of my head.
  • Made cookies with my kids.
  • Played my favorite Video Game with my teenager.
  • Watched nature documentaries with my small child.
  • Painted for HOURS with my small child.
  • Reading – Right now I’m reading “You Are A Badass”. Book Review to come soon.
  • Time for myself.
  • Time off – I took two days off from work.
  • Sleeping in – I slept in 4 days this week. It was glorious.

Things I Did Not Do:

  • Take walks – I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
  • Stay away from junk food – I struggled with this hardcore.
  • Reach out to talk – This one is going to be hard, as I’m not an ask for help kind of person.

This coming week, I will try to get out of my own way and take some walks. I am not sure what this week will bring. But, I know that I can get through this one day at a time. Because I can do anything I set my mind to.

Below you can see my weekly Bujo, which outlines my tasks for each day. As you can see, Saturday’s and Sunday’s I don’t make plans right now. I let whatever happens, happen.

Weekly Bujo spread with my tasks laid out.

Where are my self care buddies at? Do you need to talk? Do you want to video chat? How is your journal coming? How is your self care journey going? I am here. Let me know what I can do to help.

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