Nerd Mom Diaries

Sending Joy Into The World

This is what my counter looked like last night as I got ready to tackle a new project. Happy Mail!

On Monday, I picked up a couple of Pen Pals from a Facebook group dedicated to stickers that I joined this weekend. I wanted to make some cute little envelopes like I used to, but I didn’t have any magazines laying around. So, I settled for some pretty paper and cut out some envelope shapes.

Doesn’t everyone need a little extra happy in their life, though? The answer is simply, Yes. I decided that I wanted to send some joy to 5 of my favorite people. I realized I had none of their addresses. So, I sheepishly asked them all for their addresses via text, because social distancing.

What came next was half arts & crafts project and half perfectionist Jenn making everything even and perfect. I wrote two awkward AF letters, to my new pen pals and proceeded to make little cards telling my friends how much I adore them. And of course I added some stickers for them to use on their own projects.

Below is the almost finished product. Two pen pal letters and 5 notes to some people I adore. I know a couple of these ladies read my blog, so they will have a sneak peak. But, I had to share my project.

I realized something as I was cleaning up. Even though I was doing this project to bring joy to others, it brought joy to me. Knowing that my notes could brighten someone’s day, made my heart happy. I feel blessed to be able to send love to other people in a world that is in chaos right now.

I will be choosing another 5 ladies I care about to send them sweet little notes next. I’m excited to spread more joy!

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