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Unboxing: Archer & Olive Mystery Box

IT CAME! I am so excited. No, I do not need more journals. But I will ALWAYS buy them.

I really am a planner junkie. I literally waited by the window for the mailman, this is how excited I was to get this box. He did not seem happy to see me. I’m bummed it was open. But I’m choosing joy and such beautiful journals worth way more than what I paid for them. My nerd heart is happy right now.

The beautiful boxes they come in will make for great storage.

Actual Box Contents

  • A5 Night Owl Signature Dot Grid Notebook
  • B5 Garden Slither Signature Dot Grid Notebook
  • B5 Planner Blush-A-Bye Undated Personal Planner
These made my little nerd heart happy.

I am beyond happy with what my Mystery Box contained! I love that I got journals that remind me of the world of Harry Potter. It’s like they picked the perfect box. I have already signed up for email updates to be notified when the next boxes become available.

As for the box being opened when I received it, I reached out to the company and one of their very kind employees messaged me back offering to check the invoice. I sent her pictures of what came, and she promptly let me know that nothing was missing. One more reason why I am in love with this company.

I’ve been using the Exceed A5 Dot Grid notebooks from Walmart for the last year and a half. But these journals are my new favorite brand. I as soon as I finished making this video, I dropped my plans for the day (it was Saturday) and migrated to the B5 journal. Stay tuned for an upcoming video and pics of my new Bullet Journal and layouts.

Disclaimer: Yes. I am this overly caffeinated and ridiculous every day. I am who I am.

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