Nerd Mom Diaries

Loving Myself

Well, the last week and a half has been a bit rough. So many things have happened. But I made it through.

I have to admit, I fell off the “No Shopping” wagon. A little hard. I got some bumps and bruises. Spent about $150 on stuff I didn’t need. But, I brushed myself off and I have joy. Why? Well, for starters, it’s my birthday month. I bought myself some gifts, that will be delivered one by one over the coming week. Each one will make me smile. Each one with bring a little joy with it.

Loving myself is important. I forget to do that. A lot actually. Which is why, I am going to be focusing on self love and joy for the entire month of May. No, that does not mean I’m going to go nuts and buy everything I have ever wanted. It means I will put my needs first as often as I can. I will tell myself positive things. I will not tear myself down. I will cut myself some slack.

I totally forgot to do my weekly self care check in this week. Which I suppose is fine, as the only real things I’ve kept up with are my vitamins and my journal.

But I will leave you with one last thought: We as humans need to love ourselves more in a soulmate kind of way. It is essential to our survival.

Take care of yourself this week. Smile. Find joy. Love yourself. And as always, if you need to talk or want some self care guidance, I’m here for you.

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