Nerd Mom Diaries

The Joys of Amazon Shopping

Hello my friends! It’s a glorious day!

My most recent Amazon purchases.

I was totally going to do an unboxing of my most recent Amazon package this weekend, but I just couldn’t wait to open my goodies. Also, I received this package when every person who lives in my house was here. It was also Thursday and I had to work. So I am sharing a picture instead.

One of the amazing things I love about Amazon, is that I can buy a bunch of random things I don’t need, all in one place and never have to leave my house. It gets delivered right to my door, and I don’t have to get out of my pajamas!

As you can see, my most recent purchases seem a little weird. I ordered the erasers and pencils because I use them for Bullet Journaling. So those I am calling a necessary purchase. I also purchased a package of business card sized inspirational quotes that I will use to spread joy to my friends, loved ones, and random strangers.

Let’s talk about the plants. I’m still giggling at myself. I ordered these fake succulents because I’m a horrible plant mom, but I love plants. So it’s a win- win really. I can’t kill them since they aren’t living, which is amazing! Did I need them? No. But I wanted them to bring a little joy to my at home workspace.

I suppose I didn’t really need any of the items I bought. But, they brought joy to my week. So who cares. I will continue to buy the things that bring me joy, as long as my bank account allows for it.

Stay happy and joyful, my lovelies! And please, buy the things that bring you joy if you want to.

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