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Dollar Tree Craft Haul: Part One

This is what $70 at Dollar Tree looks like.

Good morning my lovelies! This is the first post of my brand new series. I am so excited to share some upcoming DIYs made with Dollar Tree items!

Yep. That’s right. Everything in this picture came from the Dollar Tree. This is the first of two craft hauls from this past weekend. I’m thankful that Dollar Tree is still open for me to get supplies for craft projects. I’ve needed a distraction.

I spent my Friday and Saturday this past weekend crafting. Making home decor for a nominal amount of money, and it is quickly becoming a new hobby. I’ve picked up a few new hobbies during this quarantine.

I haven’t done decorating projects since September, when I was making decor for my desk at the office. Since I had some gifts I wanted to make and some decorating ideas, I went shopping for some cheap craft supplies. I bought all the things I would need to pull off FOUR full projects.

I know what your thinking. All of that stuff and it’s only 4 projects? It’s because I made at least two of each decor item, and in one case I made four. I like pairs. It’s an OCD thing. I had so much fun making things, I went on a second trip for more stuff.

Stay tuned for some tutorials on the projects I put together, and Part Two of my Dollar Tree Craft Haul!

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