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Dollar Tree Crafts: Faux Succulent Planters

I’m so excited to share the first of many projects I have put together recently. I will be truthful, I did not come up with this idea originally, I just made it my own. Let’s get to it!

My Core Supplies

The first thing I did was gather the supplies for the planter. I used these glass jars I found at Dollar Tree, but you can use whatever container you want. I like pairs, so I grabbed four jars.

Phase One: Dirt/Sand and Rocks

I then added a layer of “dirt”, which is actually sand in the case because I was making these planters with only Dollar Tree items. I then added some rocks, sadly all the rocks I found were black so the blend in too well. Next time, I’ll get some other colors.

Phase Two: Reindeer Moss

The next step was an excessive amount of reindeer moss. Having never worked with it before, I was unprepared for the stench! Woah does it smell horrible. But it really does add a real look to these planters. The smell also dissipates eventually.

Phase Three: An Assortment of Faux Succulents

The final step is choosing the fake succulents. As you can see, I bought way more than I needed for these planters. I wasn’t just using them for this project though, so I really did need them.

Finished product: Faux Succulent Planters

I nestled the faux succulents down into the reindeer moss, and then they were finished! Total time approximately 10 minutes, and only because I couldn’t make up my mind which succulents to use.

Everything I used for these planters was indeed purchased at Dollar Tree, and they don’t look cheap at all! They make wonderful gifts for your friends who can’t keep plants alive, or need a cute “plant” for their office space that they don’t have to take care of.

The total cost on this project was just over $12. I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I loved these planters, and wanted to keep them. But I made them as gifts, so I guess I’ll need to go get more supplies.

I can’t wait to share my next project with you guys! Stay tuned.

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