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Pipsticks: Feeding My Love Of Stickers

Holy unicorns and gnomes, Batman! Stickers are my jam, and I’m up to my eyeballs in them right now.

I did a thing for the month of May. I finally ordered that Pipsticks Pro Club subscription. I wanted to do a video, but just couldn’t hold off. I had to open the package. So you just get pictures this month.

May 2020 Pro Classic Pack

As you can see, it was well worth the $17.95 I paid for it. I’m in love. The stickers are high quality, and the theme was to die for. The entire collection was fairy tale and fantasy themed. If you know my well, you know I’m a sucker for all things fairy tale.

Aren’t these just amazing? These sheets are 4×4.

I’m obsessed with the “Today I Will Be A Unicorn” sheet. I love it. The gnomes have me wanting to use a gnome theme in my bullet journal.

Flowers and cuteness! I mean just Look at that tiny chonky dragon!

AND THE FLOWERS. Oh, the flowers. So many of them!

These sheets are also 4×4 and SPARKLY!

I did not know what to expect, but I’m sure glad I signed up for May. I may go back and buy April’s Subscription pack too. Just because I’m in love with Pipsticks. I have to be honest, the urge to buy $100 worth of stickers right now is crazy. Just saying.

Boba! What? So cute.

Seriously, how cute are these stickers? And they are all Pipsticks originals. Which is amazing. So many stickers for only $17.95.

Vinyl sticker and bookplates? Woah!

I’m impressed. For sure. I love the vinyl “believe” sticker. The book plates are kinda cute too. If you’re looking for a sticker subscription, Pipsticks is a winner. There are 4 options.

Pro Classic: 15 sheets of stickers + goodies for $17.95 a month

Pro Petite: 7 sheets of stickers + goodies for $11.95

Kids Classic: 15 sheets of fun stickers for $17.95

Kids Petite: 7 sheets of fun stickers for $11.95

I am excited to see next months pack. I hear it’s theme is inspired by the earth, nature and wildlife!! So awesome! I’d love to know which sheet from this month is your favorite.

Thanks for reading. Stay creative.

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