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Dollar Tree Craft Project: Mini Succulent Garden

Hello friends! As promised, I am sharing another project with you. Have you noticed a trend here yet? SUCCULENTS!

My Supplies: All from Dollar Tree

I love succulents. Since I’m a horrible plant mom, fake ones are my go to. This project included painting and succulents, so I was excited to tackle it.

The first thing I did was mix the green and white acrylic paint, and paint the gold frames. I did several coats and let them dry overnight.

I then cut down the squares of floral foam and succulents. Using a hot glue gun, I glued the succulents to the foam. Once they were dry I could move on.

Next, I removed the stand from the back of the picture frame. Then I carefully put the floral foam in the frame, and glided the floral foam to the back of it.

Once it was all assembled it looked super cute! I was excited they my bison had worked.

My inspiration for this project was a really cute hanging succulent garden I saw on Pinterest not long ago. I however, decided that I wanted to make a couple of tiny ones. I also liked the idea of simply having them as table decorations.

The total cost of this project was just over $10. And I made two beautiful decorations, that I am proud of. One for myself, and one to gift!

Stay tuned for my next project, it’s a fun one!

DISCLAIMER: I ended up not liking the color of these, so I took them apart, very carefully, and painted them light blue.

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