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June BuJo: Just Beachy

Good morning my friends! This month’s theme is inspired by my overwhelming urge to go to the beach right now.

June Bujo Supplies

I want to apologize for not having a video for you guys this month. I’ve been struggling, and was not able to make one before I started planning my daily tasks.

June Monthly

I went with a beach theme, because I wish I was on a beach right now. I ordered a bunch of beach themed stickers a couple of months ago. I used almost all of them.

Thankful & Habit Trackers

I went with the same Thankful and Habit Trackers that I usually use, just because they work for me. Have you ever noticed that my lines are never straight? I free hand everything. So sometimes, it looks a tad messy. But messy is me, so it works.

Blog Post Tracker & Moody Starfish

Every month I change my mood tracker to go with that months theme. So I had to do Starfish for the month. It was actually fun to draw them. Of course I had to add my blog post tracker here too. I write my posts down, mostly because OCD. But also because I keep track of everything.

So I went with a weekly theme I’ve never used before. I usually use boxes or rectangles of some sort. I also just went bonkers with the stickers. You can check them out below.

Week One – Flamingos
Week Two – Seahorses & Beach Houses
Week Three – Here Comes The Sun
Week Four – Beachy Things
And this is what happens when I run out of ideas.

As you can see I got just a tad bit carried away at the end. I had a whole sheet of stickers left over, so I sticker bombed the blank space on the last page.

Below is a list of the supplies I used this month.

June Bujo Supplies:

  • Archer & Olive B5 Garden Slither Signature Dot Grid Notebook
  • Sakura Pigma Micron size 05, 03, & 01
  • Zebra Midliners
  • Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens 0.7mm
  • Staedtler Plastic Eraser
  • Zebra M•301 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm
  • Stickers by The Happy Planner, Love Nicole, Paper House

Thanks so much for reading this month. I’ll try to get my crap together enough to do a video next month. I’d also love some ideas for the next few months. I have no plan past July. Oops!

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