Nerd Mom Diaries

Dollar Tree Crafts: Fancy Dresser Decor

Hello again my lovelies! It’s going to be a glorious day!

Today I’m sharing to super simple and easy projects I made to add a touch of class to my messy dresser.

Two simple items, one cute jewelry holder.

The first one is literally just a plate and a gold Eiffel Tower tchotchke I picked up. I bought both of these at Dollar Tree, and simple hot glued one to the other. Easy as pie!

Fake flowers in a cute vase will brighten up any space.

The second was a simple vase, and some fake flower stems I also grabbed at Dollar Tree. I painted the vase white, using some acrylic paint I also picked up at Dollar Tree. I simply let it dry and cut down the flowers, added some float foam to the bottom of the vase and I was done.

The whole project took me less than 45 minutes and cost less than 6 bucks. Dollar Tree for the win!

My ultra classy simplified dresser space.

Since I was adding some cute and classy touches to my dresser, I cleaned the darn thing off and took all the crap that had been collecting there, and put it somewhere else. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the tragic mess that it was before.

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