Nerd Mom Diaries

Every Day Is A New Day

Today, is a brand new day. Today, I will look forward and not backwards.

Also, I am finally getting this mop cut today. It’s been 10 months since my last haircut. Oddly enough, my hair makes me anxious. So I’m super excited to get a haircut.

I’m sure your asking “How is any of this relevant?”

I’m living my life day by day right now. I’m still struggling with anxiety. Even more so after a crazy weekend. I try my best to look for silver linings in each day. I write down positive thoughts, at least four every day.

So today, my silver lining and my first positive thought in the crazy that is my life is that I’m finally getting a hair cut. Some days, getting through the day depends on those positive thoughts and silver linings.

One last thought before I go on with my day: Every day that I make it through without a meltdown is a great day. Which means, yesterday was a great day. I’m throwing my positive vibes out today, to ward off meltdowns. Today will be a great day.

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