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That Time I Bought More Craft Stuff I Don’t Need

Holy cheap paper and stickers. Seriously. I went to Micheals to pick up 1 thing, which they were out of, and ended up with this lot.

I should mention that I did not need any of this. But I am always looking for new paper for my happy mail envelopes and the postcards I’m going to be creating.

Clearly, I spent way too much, right? WRONG! Michaels is having a HUGE sale right now. The Craft Smart Hot Buy sticker and paper pads, which are usually $19.99 were only $4.99 each!!! I didn’t buy more because I figured this was plenty.

I also did not need any washi tape. But, it’s so expensive that I rarely any buy new stuff. The big tubes are usually $20.99 and the small ones are $10.49. However, right now there are TWO 50% off coupons on the app. One for 50% off any regular price item and one for 50% off washi tape and stickers. So OBVIOUSLY I needed to stock up.

In conclusion, what should have cost me about $174 (with tax) only cost me about $51. So I got a great deal, and I won’t need to buy paper, stickers or washi tape for awhile.

Now is the time to take that trip to Michaels to stock up on everything. There were tons of other items on sale too. But since I am in Happy Mail mode right now, this is all I bought. As far as I know the sale is in until June 27th, so you have time!

Happy crafting and shopping!

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