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Happy Mail: A How To Guide

Good morning friends! This is not the first time I’ve talked about my “Happy Mail” project. But it is the first time I’m letting you in on my secret: I send happy mail because it helps me battle my depression and anxiety.

Let me explain. You all know I struggle with those things. In the past I have really struggled to find peace, joy and positive things in every day. But since I started writing pen pal letters and sending happy mail to people, it’s been better. Yes, I know I promised a how to guide. I’m getting there, I promise.

I’ve found more positive things to add to my list every day, I’m up to 6 positive things a day from just 1 a month or so ago. I’ve also found that the more happiness and joy I send into the world, the more I get back. The more positive thoughts I voice, the more positive things happen. It’s been glorious.

Okay so here is my how to guide, you ready?

Step one: Pick 5 or 6 people who mean something to you. The names on my list are my most recent pen pals.

Step two: Grab some paper, a post card, a greeting card, anything really and write them a little note. Send positive thoughts, and good vibes.

I clearly need more post cards and cards! This is all I have right now.

Step three: This one is my favorite. I make envelopes out of 12×12 scrapbook paper and decorate the note and envelope with stickers and washi tape. Don’t have any of those things? Add a drawing, a poem, or even a quote to a plain envelope.

I love making envelopes. It makes the mail exciting!

Step four: Pop your letter in the mail and wait for your note to bring someone joy.

Yes, these are not addressed or completed. But they will be by this afternoon.

I have been trying to send 5 or 6 people a note to let them know I am thinking of them, once or twice a month. It’s not the same people every time. And I’ve run out of people, so I’m needing some new names.

I usually include stickers that they can use. Sometimes, I even send care packages to people. Why? Because joy. Everyone needs it and there is not enough of it in the world right now.

I mentioned that I have a few pen pals now too. It’s been fun writing letters like I used to in Junior High and High School. I also love receiving letters, and hearing all about what brings happiness into someone else’s life.

The moral of my story here today is this: When you love others, you get love in return. When you lift others up, you get lifted up. When you spread joy, joy finds you. So spread joy, send love, and lift others up.

I will leave you with one final thought today. I did not start doing this for myself, I started doing this because I knew other people needed joy. It just happened to bring me joy in the process. Don’t make the commitment to send happy mail for yourself. Make it to spread joy to people who may need it more than you know.

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