Nerd Mom Diaries

Anxiety: The Hidden Monster

I’m not okay. That’s my reality right now.

I have been struggling to write blog posts again. Everything I’ve posted in the last two weeks was previously written and I just threw the photos in.

I’m not depressed again. But, my anxiety is high. Work has been crazy busy. We’re in the midst of buying a house. People I care about have been struggling. A good friend is moving to California in August. I miss my friends from work. Our camp has been way overly dramatic. All of these things have heightened my anxiety level.

I’m taking my vitamins. I’m doing things for myself, you know putting myself first, something I rarely do. Cutting toxic crap out of my life. Shopping for things I want, rather than need. I journal daily. I so craft projects whenever I can. I’m taking care of myself.

But every day I still struggle. Which is why I am having a hard time writing and coming up with new ideas to blog.

I’m asking for grace. I’ll blog when I can. I’ll share whatever I feel like sharing on that day. But please understand that I’m doing the best that I can.

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